Posted by Paweł A. Makowski

Pope John Paul II’s message to the United Nations General Assembly on October 5, 1995, serves as starting point for this discussion of his vision for international diplomacy. It was in this setting that he advocated the idea that not only individuals and groups are the subjects of rights, but that nations should also be regarded by the international community as a legitimate holder of natural rights. And he elaborated upon the logic underlying that position, together with an implicit assertion that United Nations delegates where empowered to actualize is content and implications. The elements of diplomacy which emerge from that United Nations speech are not an isolated phenomenon. In his New Year addresses to the diplomatic corps between 1996 and 2002, the Pope reinforced essential themes and dynamics apparent in his  prior text. In the next post I will present respective elements to concerning the vision of diplomacy according to John Paul II.

All presented posts in Papal Diplomacy category, they come from the book: B.J. O’Connor, Papal Diplomacy: John Paul II and Culture of Peace, South Bend, Indiana 2005.